You Look Good For Infinity

by Belial

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Recording, mixing, and mastering by Ryan Stidham with Atlas F Studio in Athens, AL. Photography by Cameron Flaisch. Artwork by Chris Wilson. Recorded in March-May of 2015.


released July 14, 2015

Thanks to Alex DeVor and Chris Wilson for extra instrumentation and thanks to Nick Wells, Sam Davis, Kristine Torkelsen, Ryan Ducker, Micah Whitaker, Ethan Lane, A.C. Segler, and Lula Belle Cotton for extra vocals. Special thanks to Jordan Doyle for providing lyrics and vocals in "Even Tinier Hats."



all rights reserved


Belial Decatur, Alabama

We are now called X.Y. Spaces. Go to this link instead:

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Track Name: Mandy Has a Motto
Her final hour was just a movie scene. Her seventh story flight was just another lucid dream. That talk she had with him came from a script she forgot to read. That broken dialogue came from the man who wouldn't stop to breathe.. and I think that man was trying to say: "she grabbed for my hand, but fell out of view, you know you can't search the sky for what the earth won't undo."

This dedication, no rhyme or reason. Your face is now burned in our memory, while simultaneously etched with divinity. But from where we can stand we can see, oh that privilege has begun to deplete. Although you answer was long overdue, we can't help but be protective of you. Our eyes locked, we watch with precision, to confirm this as a good or bad decision. I made sure to stay alert from the start, but I can't seem to tell the two apart. So from this tunnel of light, we saw the ground's different hue, of which would be the main focus of this new portrait of you. Your family's started making plans for what they'll do without you, now if that's guilt that you're feeling just know that I feel it too. Now I've heard you've got the impression that I don't care what you do; that my advice contradicts, oh no well that just ain't true
Go towards the light.
Run away from the light.
I never promised answers, never promised relief, but if they ask who fell out of view, I'll make them think it was me.
Go towards the light. Run away from the light. Just don't stand still.
Track Name: Jonni Sue Beaver
You insist that his words were true, like you wrote the book on being subdued, but considering the context clues, I won't notice the absence of you. If you're gonna tell me, that I'm going to Hell, hey don't sweat it, 'cause I know you mean well, but I give up, I submit, I'll be on my way, because I know what you'll say. Hope they don't mind a little company; well I guess they do now from what I've perceived, but we both know that I can't sleep, so I guess that means that they've forgotten 'bout me. (oi)
Track Name: Dog on a Diet
Oh I never entertained the thought, that this signature could solve our problems. No I never thought I'd have the gall, to ask for that sort of favor. But I've been hearing of its rave reviews, and oh I just can't wait. And while I do like where this is going I am just a tad bit skeptical. Oh wait you say it can be done within the hour, oh, well how convenient, nevermind. Won't you please put in a good word for me in the event that I can't join. And if that's the case just make it feel like I was there please; oh no I just can't wait.
Now we're inbetween life and death in the form of a silhouette, but I guess we can't complain, 'cause there is no sacrifice when the hills go blind because we know that they won't ask for help. And somehow it's a miracle, I guess just because you said so. It's a miracle, because you wanted it to be.
Once the ink met the page, yes we found our relief but we've surrendered our lives. Oh yeah and I've been having that dream again, but during this last one, you were there and you were there and you were there and blahblahblahblahhhhhhh......
Track Name: Even Tinier Hats (ft. Jordan Doyle of Gaffer Project)
Death is reborn, in a miserable display. They plead for us not to stare, but how could we look away? Nothing of our sort does this rebirth grant with a response. And in an hour of silence, we heard its heart beat just once. Oh you should have been there, it learned to walk on its own. The birds, they flew in place, for the soil was calling them home. Our sight did not dull, and our souls they felt no greed. Now you see we have welcomed this death, after all, it's all we really need.
Our neighbors become embalmed with the guilt that we never tried on. And from what we could tell, they had picked a perfect hill to die on.
Anticipation, for a world it built the blueprint for, like a memento that had nearly vanished, and at this point became depressingly worn. What we have witnessed arise from the well, our conclusions they were not the same. This being such a brain of a body, and yet such a body of a brain
"All of you who are hear for answers, I made this world just for you, but I didn't leave my fingerprints, because I knew that I wouldn't have to."
All I can love is distrust. I've made doubt to be my mistress. Shape myself in to questions, yet still, everything falls in line. I am the smoke I choke on. I am the "look at what I have done." And you, you are the song yet unsung. You are the chill down my spine. Go and spit to the wind, forgiving those who do offend. Now as we play pretend, hold your breath past black and blue. Like a solemn church bell rung, doubt is a sore on my tongue, and I swear I'll get it fixed, though I know not what to do.
And I swear, I'd get it fixed if I could.
Track Name: Horse Collar
Disorientated, we wandered off the grid. Now under some telepathic agreement, or something or another, we ushered in as gravity collapsed. Sitting there, in this room fashioned blue and black, we saw her staring back. Now these imaginary little filaments or something like that, they flew through the air, but never made contact.
Repeat after me, repeat after me. This trance isn't real unless you believe.
She called us by name like our mothers in the doorway of some seventh plane world. And her proof of pulse was shown as the needle turned south. It went from point A to C as the tri-tone made its noise. Now it wasn't her that lied to us ya see, we heard someone say something like "well bless your heart," but no it wasn't her.
Our best help would shudder, as all our plans would fail. We knew the night was over, so we muttered our final words: "maybe we'll be here again, maybe death is just waking up. Now maybe when we die.. we'll really just be waking up." And then I realized..
I started to believe, that I had almost left this world.
But then she disappeared so yaaaaa.
Track Name: Dover Glen
Dover Glen, where he sins. Even worse, do it again. Machine man is gone, but he's not at home, you see they sent him away, but she's not alone.
Este lenguaje, nos es ajeno.
There was never thin ice to walk on, just a pond to bury the evidence, we have read that text carved in the moss, but this language is foreign to us.
Track Name: My Apologies...
Track Name: C'est La Vie
Daydreams of guilt and shame had formed a duet. Those fabrications, and all those jokes he doesn't get. Just somthing simple and safe and close to home and he's set. He puts his head on the table these days he tries to forget.
Not gonna settle for the graveyard shift. Not gonna settle for those hospital blankets. Not gonna drive to the outskirts of town.
Get up and try it again.
That time capsule, well it got lost in the park. And that old scepter, you see it's kinda lost its spark. You can't do much with that khepresh those kids have torn it apart. But I guess that's what you deserve for leaving me in the dark, but I know I can't stay mad, 'cause we're conjoined at the heart.
Why don't you just ask for help this time? I do not think that anyone would blame you.
The Pharoah: Now just whose side are you on, now just whose side are you on? Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten what I've done?
Uraeus: Oh no now don't get me wrong, I 'preciate what you do, you wouldn't have been my first choice, but that's besides the point. It's just to see you exude this exhibition of defeat, it makes me hope that you know, you'll always be there with me.
Why don't you just ask for help this time? I do not think that anyone would blame you. I kinda think it's what we all expected.
Track Name: 575: We've Got a Haiku in Progress
We'll get enough sleep, to stop these signals to our brain. These images we lost the meaning of remain unsolved. In this dream no one has a name, nor the means to speak, but let me tell you about what they wrote me. It said: "we'll keep on laying here; we'll keep on laying here 'til it's not blood that's in our veins. Oh and those images that you mentioned earlier, well I remember what you were talking about, and they look the same to us as well. So since we're so 'carefully sane', why should we stay awake? Why should we stay awake and let these memories stay?"
Track Name: The Finishing Touches at Nunavut
You've been left inept when you should have been told, don't be kept up by what keeps you consoled. Now you're hoarse from this spell, no you're not doing so well. If you find it odd, you're used to this facade, hey it's all in your head, and that's the whole point. If it seems strange, these ordeals they've arranged, it's all in your head, and that's the whole point.
And at the end, if they're not on your side, just let that phantom limb make those finishing touches.
It was like he was lead by the slur in his speech, or maybe taken aback by his resistive reach. Now he's mute from this disease, but I think he's finally at ease. And your efforts did inspire, but weren't what they desired. Can you see it from up close? Can you claim that it's still there? And this loss won't be enough, and the rest can't be discussed.
And once again, if they're still not on your side, don't hesitate to let that phantom limb make those finishing touches.
Track Name: How To Live Without You (For Those Who Want To Know [For Thou Shalt Not Never Know])
Coming home, not knowing what to say, upon the unveiling of this familiar shape. Now if I could only find a way to say "if you wouldn't mind I would gladly take your place."
What you don't realize, is that which you've left behind, will probably shed some light, on why the closure you seek's not what you'll find. But as long as you're here, you might as well make yourself at home. After all if it wasn't for you, we'd both be displaced and alone.
Beyond confusion, it's over my head. I saw the spirit, but I don't know what she said.
Track Name: A Graph of Graphic Giraffe Graphics
In every room, there laid an ink blot test. In every box, their doctored results. Now if you were to look to your left, you'd see a shattered pane of glass for every disposition postured to mislead.
What they don't know will not hurt them. What they receive is for their own good. If you'd be still all of this would cease to exist.
wait, wait.
Halt this production, this is incongruous with our main function. She couldn't get to them in time to tell them her version why the safety they felt was poorly contrived. And it just tears me up.